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Rating: 5.2/10
Director: Ishaan Trivedi
Writer: Ishaan Trivedi
Stars: Johnny Baweja, Reeth Mazumder, Manav Kaul, Puru Chibber
Runtime: 156 min
Genre: Thriller
Released: 24 Jun 2016

Storyline:Kuhu, a 9 year old girl, drowns in a lake in Nainital. Soon after, her father, Manav falls off a cliff but lives on to lead a strange life of hallucinations and complete metamorphosis. Manav now sees his dead daughter. When Vidhu, a film school pass out, hears this story from his girlfriend Koya, he finds it interesting enough to turn it into a film. A small crew of four set out for Nainital, hoping to film paranormal activities going around Kuhu’s family. Very little they know that their exploits will lead them into a quagmire of incest, sex and an unsolved murder mystery.
Vidhu (Johnny Baweja), a budding filmmaker accompanies girlfriend Koya (Reet Mazumder) to Nainital along with two other friends to make a film on her uncle Manav (Manav Kaul) and aunt, who claim that they can see their dead daughter.
The youngsters install cameras in the couple’s house to capture evidence for paranormal activities but end up discovering Manav’s ambiguous behaviour instead. More skeletons stumble out of the closet in due course that unnerve Koya. What’s her hidden deal with Manav?
On paper, the psychological thriller seems promising. It keeps you guessing if the characters are actually victims or sinners with ulterior motives. The anticipation of truth and a mysterious backstory keeps you hooked.
What spoils the party is the loud, shoddy and incoherent execution. The forced love triangle replete with inconsequential kissing scenes and steamy songs is unnecessary. The film tries to bite off more than it can chew. Death, depression, incest, sex, possession, too many issues are put together.
Also, poor writing and inappropriate dialogues evoke unintentional humour. For instance a psychic/ doctor explains possession by saying, “uska ‘soul weak’ tha isliye uske saath yeh hua”, A guy tells a girl, “I like your smell” or something to that effect. The hero warns another guy for hitting on his girl by saying, “Do ladke ek ghagra nahi pehen sakte.”
While Johnny Baweja shows some potential, the lead actress is merely used for the glamour factor, who sheds her clothes at the drop of a hat. Manav Kaul overacts to essay a bizarre character who is suicidal, depressive and addicted to kinky sex (these scenes are tacky and bizarre to another level).

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